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Shree Shanidham Trust

Shree Shani Dham Trust is a non-profit, non-governmental voluntary social welfare organization under the expert guidance of
Shree Sidh Shakti Peeth Shanidham Pithadhishwar Shree  Shree 1008 Mahamadaleshwer Paramhans Daati Ji Maharaj (Nijswaroopanand ji Maharaj). The organization is engaged in social welfare activities in the different parts of our country and primarily focused on Rajasthan, round the clock. In the couple of years the organization is continuously working in the drought affected areas of Rajasthan.
Shree Shanidham Trust was founded by Shree Sidh Shakti Peeth Shanidham Pithadhishwar Shree  Shree 1008 Mahamadaleshwer Paramhans Daati Ji Maharaj (Nijswaroopanand ji Maharaj) ji' for the Social Welfare of People.

Few of The works done by The Trust are as follows: -

  • Helping the drought affected, horrendous plight of people Providing tons of free fodder for cattle.
  • Arranging food, cloths and blankets to needy.
  • Organizing free Mobile Medical Camps in remote areas of Rajasthan.
  • Organising free computer mobile education in remote areas of Rajasthan
  • Pension for old aged and needy.
  • Scholarship for brilliant students.
  • Free Mobile Computer Education.
  • Tri-cycles to differently able.
  • Helping life by arranging drinking water in the deep rural areas.
  • Provided food, shelter, clothes, medicines to 10,000 families in the recently flood affected areas of Rajasthan, etc...

Shree Shanidham Gaushala- A heaven for cows.

An animal shelter has been established by the Trust in the Hingawas Village, District Pali, Rajasthan. Under the natural refulgence of greenery planted with fruit bearing trees, rare plants and water pool for the birds, in the extension of the same premises for ecological & environmental preservation a bird sanctuary has been setup.

Gurukul Ashwasan Baal Gram

In continuation to the noble cause Shree Shani Dham Trust is involved to secure the future of the deprived and helpless, fulfilling the basic necessities, education and professional training programs in the resident school 'Gurukul Aashwasan Baal gram', where the future of more than 600 deprived and helpless children has been secured. In the year 2000, Gurukul Ashwasan Baal Gram made its beginning with the help of devotees in a temporary structure providing Primary education to the children of needy families living far below the poverty line. Permanent construction of the Baal Gram started in the year 2004 providing facilities for both the Day Boarding and Hostel for the children.

Ashwasan Baal Gram is co-educational. The school at present is from class Nursery to class Xth and is progressively adding one higher class every year. It is a Day Boarding centre for about 150 children who come from nearby villages.

Gurukul Aashwasan Baal GramAshwasan Baal Gram Hostel is a home for 300 children coming from the remotest and tribal parts of Rajasthan like-Kotda, Bhimana, Barra, Pindwada, Ogna and also from various parts of the country like Bihar, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh. Gurukul Ashwasan Baal Gram has also adopted children from the Tsunami affected areas of Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

'Daati' aims at establishing Ashwasan Baal Gram in every region, every village of India and reach out to help the orphaned, under privileged, tribal and children from the backward families all over the world by giving them a home, family and a strong foundation for their independent and secured future.

The school is equipped with the state of the art technical facilities. It is aimed at providing all the latest guidance to children which is available in a moderns city.

Objective of Ashwasan Baal Gram

  • To reach to many more children who are denied of education, nutrition and a healthy environment due to poverty and various other reasons.
  • To prepare these children for joining both Formal and Informal Education System.
  • To provide equal opportunities for their over all development and ensure the rights of the child.
  • To build a larger family where girls and boys of various age groups grow up together as sisters and brothers under a loving and caring cover of their Mothers.
  • To Build the Future of The Nation. To Build Future India.