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Shani in celestial

In the celestial, we find that the smallest distance from Saturn and Jupiter  is 649, 255, 320 km, and the largest distance between them is 2, 205,074,520 km. As per astrological science Lord Shani transits over a house for two and a half years’ period. The distance between the Sun and the Shani is 1,427,164,920 km. As per the modern astronomy, Lord Shani is nine crore miles away from the earth.It has a diameter of one Lakh Twenty thousand kilometers and its mass is ninety-five times more than that of the earth. It has a diameter of one Lakh Twenty thousand kilometers and its mass is ninety-five times more than that of the earth.

It takes twenty-nine years to have a circumambulation of the Sun. Looking through the telescope; the number of its sub-planets is approximately ten. In the sky, Shani scatters its thick splendorous blue rays. According to Vedic, astrology Shani is an airy planet. It is black in complexion and is the Lord of the west direction. In Saurashtra i.e. Gujarat (Kathiyavar) State of India, Shani affects the most. In fact, Lord Shani likes to remain in secret places like valleys, forestlands and the inaccessible caves. It naturally dwells in the desert, the cremation grounds, and the coalmines, in solitude or at impure lands. As per Astrological science, Shani regains or rises after thirty-eight days of its setting. After this, it moves for one hundred and thirty-five days at its normal motion and further one hundred and five days in a Retrogatory motion. Being situated in the west direction of the earth, during its circulation, it energizes the western direction of the Earth. The rays of this planet leave its effect inwardly and outwardly, over not only the living beings but over non-living objects too.

The astrologers making predictions tell that it inflicts many horrible diseases, like heart trouble, tuberculosis and joint pains etc. So, the fortuneteller decides about such diseases only after having seen the position of the Shani in the birth horoscope. From Yoga, to the final liberation, from livelihood to the strengthening of physical power and from birth to death, all such predictions can be made from the natal position of Shani in the horoscope. When Lord Shani is in seventh house in the horoscope it is said to be ‘Dig Bali’ since the seventh house is the west direction of the horoscope. It is said to be cruel and a malefic planet. It increases the misfortune for punishing the native for his misdeeds. This way he purifies the native after giving him a chance to undergo the results of his misdeeds. This way, a native is well taught not to perform mischiefs and misdeeds in his lifetime. The gold put to fire is brightened more and more, likewise when a living being is punished by Lord Shani, he is taught well, to be warned of misdeeds! He dares not to think of doing mischiefs. After blazing himself, in the fire of punishment given by Lord Shani, one becomes a good philosopher. Lord Shani grants all comforts and prosperity after washing out his misfortunes and troubles. So, when the astrologers call him a cruel, an anguished and a trouble-giving malefic planet, I can’t digest it. I know this much alone that Lord Shani deals with the karmas, the religion, the liberation and the justice.