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The Basis of Worshipping Lord Shani by Daati Madan Maharaj

'Brahm’ is the ‘Truth’ and this 'world is ‘False’. Our Vedas have very clearly explained that only ‘Brahm’ is the Truth, all else is False in this world. Mithya or False means that which cannot be certified as to whether it is true or not? Many people understand ‘Mithya’ (false) as the untrue one. However, this quotation of the Vedas to be understood as if the world is false is not at all fair. Yes, if we explain it like this, that the world is not exactly the same as it seems to be. This way ‘Mithya’ be explained as a 'false' can said to be properly understood. However, denying the existing of this world from the very beginning, telling it ‘Mithya’ as a ‘false’ one is totally unfair.
I do not want to be taken in by such a flimsy philosophical argumentation. Explaining the above quotation briefly, my only aim is to make them clear that the world may not be considered to be false. Since people with such a consideration think they can do anything wrong or right and they would not have to undergo the results thereof. They are mistaken that this world being false, anything committed here is not to be faced by them the results thereof. They think when there is no provision of punishing people on the earth, how can there be a provision to punish the people (for their misdeeds) in the court of the God? Whatever I am going to explain to you here, has not strucked to mind all of a sudden. Few days earlier, a gentleman met me and tried to explain to me the above quotation from the classics in this way, he said ruthlessly, "When this world is a false (untrue) then each and every action performed here is also false. There is no use dreading them by the good or bad effects of such actions". I thought this fellow is really mistaken to understand the meaning of this quotation properly. I thought if some one is mistaken to understand the exact meaning of this quotation from the classical books he must be made clear as to what does this quotation really mean? I am an ardent devotee of Lord Shani. Shani is a Chief Planet that shoulders the responsibility of granting people the results of their good deeds and misdeeds. He has been entrusted with this job by the Almighty (God) himself. He has been making people to undergo the results of their own deeds since long long back.
Hence, the conception of that gentleman that "this world is flimsy, so all the deeds performed are flimsy too", such an absurd plea, is the basis of a wrong theory that laughs at the everlasting theories produced in the ancient Vedas, rather it also puts a question mark over my deity Lord Shani. As when this world and the deeds performed here are not a fact, the result giving planet Lord Shani’s existence becomes but an imaginary thing. Therefore, first of all, while explaining to that quotation from the classical books, I have tried to make it clear that what's really meant by the word 'Mithya'. The learned people can verify my point from the learned men, having the knowledge of Sanskrit and also from the exposition of the Vedas. I think all the religious books, the Puranas and the statements of the great men do verify my point. They all have been warning people to rectify their karmas, since ever. They have been advising them to work for the welfare of others and never to trouble them by their action or speech. In the Vedas and the other ethical books, they consider ‘Brahm’ to be a Truth, how can they deny its detailed principles? This world and the actions being performed here in this world and Shani, the granter of the results of our deeds – All these are the various forms of the truthful principles of Brahm. Since
'Avashyamev ev Bhuktyam, Kritam Karam ShubhaShubham'
declares it very clearly that no action performed by us goes in vain.
It has to be fructified! May be that we get the results of some Karmas very soon whereas for some others we have to wait. In getting the results of our karmas, again there is a chain of certain principles. They are supported by the law of nature. To make them understand such principles I have been giving them examples of the various plants grown by different seeds. If we sow the seeds of papaya, we get its fruit during the same year. The seeds of the rice plant etc., give the fruit in a few months only, but the seeds of mango, tamarind and coconut give fruits after many years. All this depends on the nature of the seeds and their plants. Besides this, the environment and the climate, helping in growing the seeds also affects. For example, the quality of the soil and weather, the water and sun received by the plants should be of proper quality and quantity.
In the same way such deeds performed by us, as are not fructified in our lifetime, they are added to our accumulated Karmas. When we happen to get life, we get a certain definite part of these accumulated Karmas (called pararabadh) we get since our birth time to be fructified. The love and affection, the respect or disrespect that we gain from our parents, friends and relatives or the neighbourers, all this is achieved on the basis of our ‘Prarabadh’ or say the destined karmas. Remember, when we happen to attain human embodiment we get a golden chance to perform deeds apart from attaining the results of our detined karmas (destiny).
In the course of begetting the results of our good deeds and misdeeds of our destined ‘Karmas’ the results of our present karmas are also seen affected. However, it is only a delusion. When we start obtaining the results of both the karmas that is our destined karmas and our present karmas together, sometimes it seems that even performing mischievous deeds, one attains good results or sometimes even performing good deeds one attains bad results. What type of deeds are fructified in what type of results, it is very clearly explained in our various religious books. I am not talking about other countries, but all our Indian sages and saints have deeply reflected upon all these matters and they have also consolidated them in the religious books, after having them reviewed on their own inner wisdom. In India, the Vedas are called Eternal and the wisdom reflected upon in them is said to be the direct message of the Almighty. It is the reason why the sages that are called with the Mantras (hymns) they are said to be the viewer of the Mantras and not their originators. To attain the real wisdom from the Vedic Mantras, a serious study of the ‘Vedang’ is required. Or otherwise the people would start explaining the meaning of Vedic Mantras like that of a gentleman who has explained ‘Brahm Stayam Jagat Mithya’. In Vedang, the Astrological science has been said to be the eye of the Vedas and considered to be of the utmost importance.
In puranas, to make the Vedic knowledge be understood by a common man, they have tried to explain it in a very simple and interesting way with the help of various lectures, questionnaires, and the illustrations. In puranas, it has also been mentioned that God exists in each and every smallest of the particle. He himself has made such an arrangements that the whole Universe is operative by the natural principles set by Himself and it continuous to operate so on. To regulate all such principles to operate this Universe, the omni present, omni scient God, himself is implementing all jobs & works through expressing himself completely in his various forms. He, himself generates, operates and destructs the whole Universe, as Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. He is making the arrangements to grant us the result of our own good deeds and misdeeds. The God himself has been manifested as Lord Shani, my deity, and ‘He’ (Lord Shani) has been playing an important role in granting them the results of their deeds to all living beings.
Many a people remain curious to declare themselves as modern and holding scientific conception. Such a person came to meet me at Shani Dham. Without any reference, he started asking me about my comments on a news that was quoted from the scientists who had made satellite to be sent on planet 'Saturn'. He quoted to me the reaching of the satellite and the message sent therefrom. He asked me about my comments upon it. I said the science is progressing in various fields. The victory over the space is not a new expedition. Since olden times, man is viewing the space with great curiosity. After reaching Moon, man is trying to reach over other planets too. I said him "on whatever news you have asked my comments, now it has gone outdated. I shall comment upon this much that it's a good news, but my direct question to you is that "Is it only this that you want to enquire of me? it is not current now. Definitely, under the shelter of this news you want to ask something more. It must be very important. Don’t be afraid, ask me anything! I shall try my best to satisfy you!" That fellow after a common etiquette asked me, " First of all, I beg of your pardon, since whatever I am going to ask you, may be that hurts you! or hurts your feelings!, yet I swear, I don’t intend so! I simply want to know whether you would still go on worshipping and making people to worship Lord Shani as a God, despite this fact that the scientists have unveiled all its secrets one by one?"
I had guessed earlier that this man will ask me such a question. I thanked him with a smiling face, since he had given me an opportunity to comment upon such an important point. It’s a very important point for me that I should have make clear quite earlier. Definitely, such a question must be rising in many heads, though they dare not to express it. I repeatedly thanked that gentleman and told him that in our Eternal Vedas for each hymn (mantra) there exists a traditional system to explain the materialistic, the godly and the spiritual meaning of each Mantra, rather it is factually true too. So astrological science which is said to be the eye of the Vedas, discusses all the forms of each planet, constellation and the sign, and all the three forms of them are said to be real. In puranas the godly form of earth which has been discussed, it is today also as fit as ever and the devotees worship earth in the same godly form. The godly forms of the Sun, the Moon, and the other planets that are discussed in our classical books; they are established in the hearts of the devotees, since time immortal. The earth we are living on, is its physical form. Man has reached on the surface of the Moon and you are talking about the satellite reaching at the surface of the Saturn, these are the physical forms of the planets. The form which the classics talk about, are still accepted by the devotees and these forms are still worthy of worship like that in the olden times. I thanked that gentleman over and over again, he who by putting me such a question, had given me a chance to make lot many people to come out of their delusions. Listening to me that gentleman was taken aback and expressed lots of thanks with heavy heart and insisted upon me to explain to him something more about Lord Shani.
In fact glory of Lord Shani is endless. He is such a planetary form of the Almighty God himself, who plays an important role to make people to undergo the results of their deeds in their life time itself. The astrological science makes it clear that at every movement, each human being or living being is been affected by the malefic and the benefic rays of all the nine planets. The natal position of the planets, the constellation, and the signs in various houses of the horoscope of any living being, an object or an idea is really very important. In Astrology, which is said to be the eye of the our Vedas; the eternal, our great sages, after immersing themselves in Astrology have made certain principles. These principles are everlasting. Applying these principles and analysing the position, the aspects and the conjunction of various planets many a things are made quite clear. Analyzing the PAC relationship (position, aspect, & conjunction) of the planets, an astrologer can make the predictions that definitely come true. Analyzing the position of the planets in various houses and signs of the natal charts, many accurate predictions can be made. How do the rays and the various waves generated by the planets affect the objects, it cannot be calculated by the modern science till date but it can be calculated and analyzed on the basis of the principles of the Astrological science.
Astrological science tells that a human being born under a special combination of the planetary positions, such positions leave a specific impact on his personality, his powers and his lifestyles. He is been influenced by the specific characteristics and the powers of these signs, planets and constellation, that are present in the various houses of his natal horoscope. The rays of these planets and constellation & signs etc. keeps scattering over the whole atmosphere of his lifetime. Its radiance affects him for the whole life time. While analyzing the the birth horoscope, the astrologer makes the corrections of the time it applies that born at a certain point of time, at a certain place, people absorb in them certain born qualities, due to a special environment of that place at that particular point of time. These special qualities are the results of the effect of the rays of various planets, the signs and the constellations. On the other hand, the native born at the different place but at the same point of time, acquires certain different characteristics and qualities, figure & features as also the virtues due to the different combinations of the signs and the planets.
It is important to remember that while analyzing the horoscope and making predictions, the astrologer specially emphasize over analyzing the planet Saturn because Shani is the Lord of all karmas and it affects the native's life for the longest period of time.
The horary part of the astrological science has this much significance that the movable, the fixed and the dual signs of the planets and the constellation in the celestial are not stable due to the peculiarity of velociticity of the planets and the constellation. Only at a special point of time, the specific rays leave such a special impact that are proper for the success of a specific job or work, just due to its special characteristics. Its obvious that knowing Mahurata (horary) is not a blind faith or a mere sheepiness, rather it is a sacretive and a completely scientifically proved one. The birth horoscope expresses the nature and the character of a native. On the basis of the birth chart, the powers of the astrological science can analyze various aspects and all phases of the life of a native, since astrological science discusses about the everlasting facts of human life. This science inspires the native to face the struggle of life, owing his duties towards his family his nation and society and towards the whole human race.
Shani is the Lord of karma. He inspires the native to perform good deeds in the present time. With the help of such good deeds, the native is able to rectify his misdeeds of pre births to some extent. Inspiring for performing good deeds, Lord Shani grants native an opportunity to get his misdeeds to do undo. Thus, he happens to pass through penance and he does not happen to suffer because of the misdeeds of his pre-births. Hence, Lord Shani purifies people through penance and takes them to the path of justice. It helps them to justify their human embodiment. Following the remedial measures suggested by the astrologer, a native can adapt himself to the circumstances and he can perform virtuous deeds like service of the nation and society. Thus, the astrological science inspires people to adapt themselves to the changing circumstances. It also leads them to the right path of their life.
This inspiration awakens a man inwardly. This world came into existence as a determination of the Almighty. He himself has entrusted the planets with the job of controlling and regularising all the living and non-living beings. All sorts of joy and sorrows are granted to the living beings and the human beings by the planets only. Further it is noteworthy that his own ‘karmas’ (deeds) are the root cause of all his joys and sorrows.
People with difference of opinion live in this world. That’s why, at times we cross the limits of decency while arguing with them, just because of the difference of opinion. Sometime people get so rash in argumentation that they are ready to do or die. They get much more rash over the religious issues instead that of the worldly issues. Such disputes do arise out of the difference of opinion, sometime these issues create a chaos. Everybody wishes to prove the principles of his religion to be the best ones. They are simply aware of the fact of proving them best, sometime, they overrule the principles of humanity. They get so rash that they fail to maintain discipline and regard for other religions. Religious tolerance shatters away and they come down to blood shed. Such a tendency must be condemned to the greatest extent. Our ancient saints have preached to be generous to all living beings. Its an ideal way of living. They have supported the freedom of thoughts and also made it clear that human being is the supermost of all living beings. So it is only in human embodiment that we can perform ‘karmas’. In other embodiments, it is not at all possible.
In case someone wishes to justify his human embodiment, he should continue performing virtuous deeds. He should remain alert, awaken and active towards liberation from the bonds of his karmas(deeds). Having borne the results of his deeds, man is freed of the bonds of karma but infact our "prarabadh’ i.e. the deeds of pre birth are so much in numbers that one cannot imagine even of getting freed from the bonds of the karmas. It does not seem to be possible, since our accumulated karmas are numberless. So man has to make special performances, accomplishments etc. to gain the supreme eternal liberation. For this he has to attain the grace of none else than a Sadguru. Only Sadguru can take him to the path of liberation. That unique method of Sadhna can be learned from Sadguru alone, after serving him hard and pleasing him by your services. When Sadguru showers his blessings, its only then that a native succeeds in such a Sadhna for the final liberation.
I do not wish that people may accept this conception of many births since people from some religions may have an objection to it. So, I don't want to get into any sort of dispute. I simply want to say that man should not act such deeds as do trouble others, rather he should "Do unto others as he wishes to be done by". In case we finally discard to the conception of pre-births, one is forced to identify the present birth.
Those who accept this conception, they cannot make any change in their karmas of the prebirth and that of the births to come. So, for the people with these two type of conception, they all have one and only one opportunity, in this present birth when they can lessen their load of accumulated karmas(misdeeds). So, they should not miss this chance. For the times to come, we are not aware whether we happen to get such a golden chance any more or not.
So whether we lived in our last birth or we shall get a birth (as human embodiment) in the times to come? We must stop here to argue over this disputed issue. Thus, we are still left with one & only one golden chance in the present birth and this opportunate chance that we do have with us, we need not miss. So we must make proper use of each and every movement of this life time to our own interest that is to liberate ourselves from the bonds of life and death. We must make proper use of the human embodiment. Since it is an opportunate chance and further such chance happens or not, is not known to us. If we may happen such chance any more, we are not aware by when or say after how many long births?
The principles of the Vedic Astrology that our saints and sages have developed over their internal accomplishment, all such principles are consolidated in the Astrological books.
In Astrology, it is clearly mentioned that from the analysis of planetary position of various planets, in the twelve signs and twelve houses in the birth horoscope, we get a very clear picture of the results of the karmas that a native shall undergo, during a specific dasha period, at a certain point of time in his life. It very clearly tells his fortune to be fructified at that point of time or the dasha period of a specific planet in his life time.
Remember, whatever indications do we get from the horoscope about the good or bad results of the planets, depending upon their position, aspect and the conjunction in various houses and the signs of the birth horoscope, they all are simply the results of our own accumulated karmas. Lord Shani is famous as Lord of karma. He is the expressible form of almighty God. He, himself has entrusted him with the jobs to grant them the result of their good or bad deeds. He grants nothing good or bad on his own. It has also been said
Karam pradhan vishwa kari rakha
Jo jas karayee so tas fal chakha
So, it is very obstinate on the part of human being to blame Lord Shani for granting him the joys or sorrows. From the planetary position, aspect and conjunctions, only an indication of the good results or bad results of our deeds can be obtained. It never means that Lord Shani grants any results on his own, no, not at all!!
Yes, that Lord Shani is the Lord of karma and the placement of planet Saturn in the horoscope also effects the process of the present karmas performed by the native as also Shani plays a prime role in the same. It can not be denied that when and how does a native undergo the results of the karmas of his pre-birth, out of a huge storage of his "prarabadh". It can be determined by the nine planets and Lord Shani plays the prime role.
Since Lord Shani is the chief justice in granting them the results of their good deeds and the misdeeds, Lord Shani neither delays nor is he partial in granting the results of various deeds of the native. While punishing, he is never kind. It is the reason that people are badly afraid of Lord Shani. Possibly, for this reason only that Shani is called a cruel, an anguish and a malefic planet, but it does not mean that Lord Shani is basically devoid of the kindness and generosity.
The planetary position of the birth horoscope is based on good or bad accumulated karmas of the pre-births. So, one must know major period, sub period and sub-sub periods of the planets. Since knowing this, one can attain his desired objects and aims and also avoid attaining the bad results, through purifying himself by the devotion of worship of his deity. It is to be remembered that the age acquired by the planet, is equivalent itself to its dasha period. All the planets grant a native the good or bad results according to his virtuous or the vice deeds.
Planets are the chief controllers to grant the results of our karmas as wished by the god
Planets are the operators of the God. God himself has entrusted them the work of granting us the results of our various karmas. How was our earlier birth and how did we acted, is just an imaginary thing. In the same way, what will happen to us or to this world, after our death, it is difficult to say. However, it is a Universal truth that this Universe existed before our birth and shall remain even after our death. I makes no difference, in the working of the nature, whether one dies or takes birth. However, it is a mystery that where does and how does a person live before taking birth and after his death. It is a great mystery rather a riddle which is being solved since long long ago.
Generally such baseless questions trouble the people a lot. However, those who are the philosophers and a learned ones, they seriously keep on searching for an answer to these questions. They keep on working on this according to their own competency. Working on the lines of the basic views of such learned and thoughtful sages and on the basis of their self experience, they develop such views and when they happen to conclude over it, the view point of the Saints and Sages is been established as philosophy of life. Thus, various type of philosophies of life, the religious principles and the conceptions have been developed. Hence many theories and conception came into existence and the man was divided into different societies, religion, controversies and pavilions.
In our country we have two groups of people one are theists and another atheists. They are further divided into sub groups. The theists talk of the inexpressible form of god, whereas the atheist believe in the expressible form of God. Thus they always have dispute among them, on their different point of views. I do not want to be confused whether this is right or wrong. I simply want to explain to you in this contest that to verify any principle or conception, we must judge it on the experimental basis. For this the self experienced principles of the older Saints and Sages shall help us a lot.
In our religious books our Vedic Astrology has been described as an eye to Vedas and it is given the utmost importance. The predictions made on the basis of the position, aspect & conjunction of the planets and the constellations are found to be astonishingly true. As per the traditional conceptions, God himself incarnates in his various forms as the planets and for the sake of various works of Universe, he plays an active role. Even in the form of planets, almighty Himself is present and is dispositioned in various houses, in the natal horoscope of a person.
The matter and the views that are powerful makes a proper analysis of the present, the past and the future. Lord Shani is such a planet which is given the post of Chief Justice in the jury of planets. He grants to the native & the result of their good deeds and the misdeeds. Shani affects the life of the native for the maximum period of the time. Lord Shani is ordered by the Almighty to grant people the results of their deeds according to their karmas and he is owing his duty most efficiently & obediently. I hope, all the explanation made here, would have brought you out of your misunderstanding and misconceptions about Lord Shani, whatever view point you have from the hearsay, that would have been removed by now.
So, knowing the factual form of Lord Shani, you can obtain his grace through his worship, devotion and enchanting of his Mantras. Whatever money you earn from your honest earnings, you must feel contended with it. You need not act some misdeed or be greedy. You should be warned of it. So when we don’t happen to act wrongly, we would not be undergoing, the results thereof . So we shall not be a victim to the anguish of the Lord Shani.
Believe me, Lord Shani will bestow his grace over you. To obtain his total grace, you should spare few minutes to worship and thus to please Lord Shani. Remember, if a criminal comments upon the activities of a Judge, it neither makes any change or in the behavior or action of a Judge. Lord Shani is always ready to give his judgment as a punishment or a reward to the native according to his Karmas. He obeys the set rules and regulations righteously. Lord Shani also rewards them for their good deeds. He shoulders his duties being devoid of all vices. It is not the mirror but it is the face which is erronous. So blaming Lord Shani is really useless.
In astrological science, various methods are described to pacify Lord Shani. Following these methods alone, one can make his life happy and useful. I also wish to disclose before you the traditional introduction of Lord Shani; so that you can come of your misconceptions and misunderstandings. In various "Puranas" the story of the birth and main features of the Lord Shani, have been discussed in many ways. They say he was the son of the Lord Sun, the sun of Maharshi Kashyap. Lord Sun has been said to be the the Soul of the world and the expressible form of " Narayana" (The Brahma). The name of his mother is Chhaya or Suvarna. His brothers are Manu Sawarni, Yamaraj and sisters Yamuna and Bhadra. It is a common principle that child is affected by his progeny. Lord Sun who was born not only from the progeny of Bhagwan Kashyap, rather he is the grand son of Maharshi Kashyap. He is the son of Lord Sun, the soul of this Universe. Sun himself is said to be the expressible form of Almighty. In fact, he holds a rare and unique personality. This is the reason that Lord Shani grants them even the Eternal Bliss (The knowledge of the Brahm: the self).
In various religious books, it has been clearly been mentioned that due to the malefic affects of Saturn and the other planets, man has to get into various types of troubles and problems besides suffering from the various natural calamities. With the benific effects of the Saturn & the other planets and the blessings of the Lords make them happy and prosperous all of a sudden, they happen to reach the heights of the sky. It has also discussed that a native attains the results of the good deeds and the misdeeds of his own Karmas (The actions performed in pre-birth) and the results thereof obtained as "Prarabadh". Out of our own Karmas performed in the past, a definite part of them has to be fructified during the present life time and the native obtains the result thereof, which is called prarabdh or say the destiny. A spirit happen to get embodiment. This is only a way of expression that to a particular person, the planets are giving adverse results, or a particular person is getting troubles from the anguish of his ‘manes’ (diefied ancestors - ‘pitrr’). However, in fact neither Lord Shani nor does any other planet grant any good or bad effect on his own. Everybody has to undergo the results of his own Karmas. The planetary position of the natal chart tells when and how many of the natives unfructified karmas of pre births have to be fructified in this life span and how has he to undergo the results thereof. It is the almighty God who decides this, being present in the horoscope in the form of the planets.
After analyzing the position, aspect and conjunction of various planets in the birth horoscope, the knowers of the astrological science are able to predict as to at what stage of life and in what quantity shall a native obtain favorable and unfavorable results. The good results are attained by the native due to the performance of his virtuous deeds and the bad results are obtained due to his vices, when does he attain the bad results of various curses for the crimes committed by him in his pre births.
Remember, the calculation or say the judgment of a horoscope is made from the disposition of the planets and constellations in the twelve houses of the birth horoscope, depending upon the Astrological principals. The astrologers make predictions after making all such calculations and analysis based on the Astrological combinations. However, the astrological science has its origin from Vedas, all the ancient Sages and Saints have accepted this fact. As the Sages are said to be witnessing the mantras and not their originators, likewise this Astrological science has been developed on the experimental feels (experiences) and thoughts of the ancient Sages and their inward Sadhna (or accomplishment). The importance of this science, can be known by the fact that this science has been mentioned as an eye to the Vedas. In Astrological books this Universe is said to be a wonderful performance of the Almighty and all the planets are said to be his own expressible form. It is Lord Vishnu (The operator of this Universe) who incarnates in various forms from time to time and he plays various roles. All the planets have been said to be the various incarnations of the Lord.
Sun is said to be the Planet for Lord Rama. Lord Shani is the form of the god Kashyap, who has offered his services by playing an important role during Samudra Manthan. ‘Sumeru Mountain’ was stirred on his back. In obtaining fourteen 'Ratnas' (Invaluable articles). Shani played a prime role. In the same way, Shani is the basis of all the matters, the living beings and even the basis of our thoughts & ideas. He is such a planet which grants the result of the good and the bad deeds depending upon ones Karmas. He is Unique and unmatchable. When he is favourably positioned, in the birth chart he turns you a king from the beggar but being unfavourable he makes the native beggar from the king. He affects our life for the maximum period of time. It is why the astrologers put a special emphasis over Shani while analyzing a horoscope. Our ancient sages have made a detailed analysis, studying very minutely the malefic and the benefic results of the planet Saturn. He is such a planet whose good and bad affects are clearly visible in the horoscope. If Saturn is placed in a favorable position, he grants them wealth and prosperity but placed unfavorably he leaves a native nowhere.
In the favourable period of Shani, native has a rare memory, attains endless wealth and gains a lot. The favour of Shani makes them leader or head of the town. He attains post and position in society.
The accumulated virtues and vices of a native, of that of his pre-birth are visible through the position of the planets, the constellation and the signs in various houses of the birth horoscope of the native in the present birth. So knowledge of major period, sub period & sub sub periods etc. is also obligatory. Having known the dasha periods, one can put suitable efforts to attain the desired object and can avoid fructification of his vice karmas through proper remedial measure done. It is mentionable here, that major period (Mahadasha) of a planet is the same as the age attained by that planet. All planets grant a native the good or bad results according to the good deeds or bad deeds performed by the native in his earlier births.
Lord Shani is beyond the bonds of friendship or animosity. He grants them the results of their Karmas impartially. He is not sitting idle to trouble the people unduly, rather granting them the results of their good or ill deeds, he makes them pure through fructification of their Karmas and inclines them to God. Thus, Lord Shani is the most benevolent and is like a ‘Kalp tree’ (granting the desired results).
I hope, the above arguments might have clarified all your delusions and doubts regarding Lord Shani. Knowing all the above explanation, people would worship Lord Shani fearlessly. People would walk on the right track and shall perform good deeds. So, Lord Shani would get pleased with them and shall grant them all the comforts of this world and the other world. Thus they achieve the truth of life, they would experience themselves.
Remember, performing good deed would bestow on them the grace of Lord Shani. It would make their accomplishment complete, which would lead them to attainment of the Almighty through self-realisation. Now, you reflect upon it whether Lord Shani is a benevolent planet to human beings or is he a troublesome planet. Considering it impartially, all your confusion regarding Shani, would come to an end. In fact, Lord Shani is not a foe to anybody, in any way. He simply makes the living beings to undergo the results of their good and the bad deeds.
However, such people as are not aware of the characteristics, the identity, the nature, the activities and the generosity of Lord Shani, they call him a cruel, an anguish and a troublesome planet. They have accepted him to be their enemy. The fact is that our ill deeds are our enemies. It is our ill deeds that cause to give us troubles. It is a bare fact that Lord Shani makes us to undergo the results of our good and bad deeds equally without fail. However, for this, if we call him our enemy, it’s not fair rather it is unwise on our part. We need not be afraid of Lord Shani. On the other hand, we should understand him to be a Chief Justice and should go on performing good deeds. We must enchant "Shani Mantras" and thus must try to obtain the grace of Lord Shani.
Chief controller of the various actions & occurence of the universe
How was this Universe created? Someone created it or it came into existence, on its own. It has been a matter of arguments and debate, since long long times. Some people call themselves as atheists and declare that the "Universe came into existence on its own". They say that no such power as ‘God’ ever do exists. However, the conception of the Creator, Operator and Destructor of the lifeless objects seems to be much more weighing.
It is why number of atheists are much more in number than the other category of people. It’s something different that there is word of difference of opinion, regarding the real form of God and his ways of worship. However, all the people, having faith in God or say all the theist do comply with this view point that this Universe came into existence as a result of the desire of the Supreme-being, Almighty and shall remain into existence till he desires so. Whatever arrangements the Almighty has made for the Generation, Operation and Destruction of his Universe, all the actions of it are performed accordingly. People may have different Lords as their deity, but the great Indian ancient Sages have explained the planets as the expressible form of the almighty ‘God’. His principles (principles of nature) are alike for all times. Lord Shani obtains the prime position amongst these planets and he affects any object or a living being for the longest period of time.
One point, I always keep on explaining to you all the times is that Lord Shani or any other planet never do is grant any result on its own, rather Saturn and other planets are posted in various houses and signs in the birth horoscope of a native, for granting him the results of his own Karmas, performed in earlier births. So, Lord Shani or any other planet can’t at all be held responsible.
Since times immortal, efforts are made to unveil the hidden secrets of the nature. It is the reason that in the ancient books of Astrology, the explanation of the Universe has been made. Astrology explains each action of the nature, knowing it, man can perform various deeds depending upon the secrets of the nature.
Astrological science also explains that whatever subtle powers of the planets work in operating our different parts of the body. Planets make each body part to work. Sun, posted in our eyes grants us the power to observe this Universe and the same planets makes our digestion power to work, in order to digest our food. It controls the fire element in the body.
The moon controls our mind and helps in controlling the water element in our body. The Mars controls our blood circulation. The planet Mercury controls over the intellect and the heart and makes us to experience the joys of life as also attainment of various types of wisdom. Venus controls over the tongue and the sexual organs. It makes us to experience all types of joys of sensual organs as also provides the generation power.
The abdominal activities are controlled by Saturn, Rahu and Ketu. Saturn controls over the whole nervous system of the body. Rahu remains two and a half inches below the navel wherefrom it controls the phelgam and grants the power to walk down. Ketu controls over the digestive system as also over the feet. Thus Ketu controls our digestion power and the power to walk.
It is clear that when planets are in adverse position, they affect the body part which they control over. The relative body parts are deformed in different ways and the power of these limbs is slowered down and sometime they totally get inactive. The effects of the planets starts since the child in womb and the adversely posted planets deform their controlling part of body or say make defective and inactive to their related parts of the body. Even after this, the misdeeds of his pre-birth are not fructified, then planets grant him various types of diseases and make his life miserable.
In fact, the whole Solar System is the working domain of the planets and they effect the entire solar system. The rain, the draught, the hot and cold weather, the trading and political disturbances all are caused by and are the results of the planetary combinations. For each definite period of time, the court of the planets work. Hence, not only the parts of the body, the environment they live in and the objects a native does use, are also affected by the planets. They are the planets that control over the fructification of his Karmas.
It is true that planets do not grant us anything on their own, rather they give them the results of his own Karmas. It is also certain that one has to bear with the results of his own Karmas, In case the planets are in a beneficial position, they ordain the results of the Karmas very shortly and make us free from the harms of the fructification of the Karmas. The theory of pacifying the planets is based on this principle.
Indian philosophy says that the Soul is Eternal; it never comes to an end. Only due to the constant sequence of our Karmas, the spirit happens to undergo various types of births. This element dwelling in the human body is everlasting and everexisting. Its because of the bonds of our Karmas that life seems not to be liberated and is perishable. Our Vedic philosophy makes three classes of Karmas, the accumulated, the destined and the present ones. All the actions performed till date are called accumulated Karmas. They can be of the present birth or the earlier births. Out of these accumulated Karmas, the results of which Karmas have to be undergone in the present birth, they are called our destined Karmas and whatever actions and deeds we are performing right now or shall do in future they are called our present Karmas.
Our ancient sages have even preached them to do their duty and to perform it righteously and to be everready for it. "Do your duty and leave the results thereof to rest with the God", such has Geeta defined its Karma Theory. Geeta tells that we can just do our duty and the results will definitely be borne by us. We have not to make any more efforts to get the results thereof, rather they shall follow automatically. I have always been reminding you that God, in the form of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh have ever been making proper arrangements for the Generation, Operation and Destruction of the Universe and he is doing his duty honestly. In the same way, Shani himself has been doing his duty righteously by granting them the results of their Karmas. Shani is the expressible form of our own destined Karmas and he affects any matter or living being for the longest period of his life span. So, Lord Shani (the planet Saturn) being the Lord of the houses of Karmas and Justice (i.e., the 10th and the 11th house) in the natural zodiac, is determined to grant them the results of their deeds in their present birth. A native gets the results of his fortune or say his destiny during the present birth. In fact, destiny is a part of our own accumulated Karmas, a part which is to be fructified in this present life time. So one should not blame Lord Shani for any of his misfortunes rather he must thank him for his justification and truthfulness.
In Astrological science, the ancient Sages have put before us the theoretical principles and the horoscopes. These principles very clearly put a picture before us through the position, aspects and conjunctions of the nine planets in various houses, signs, etc. Hence, a crystal clear picture of the destiny of a native is visible to an astrologer. On the basis of these Astrological principles he can make an account of it through the analysis of the horoscope. The first house studies about body and personality as well as his mind (brain), the second house, his wealth and family as well as speech (Vani), the third is the house of valour and the co-Borns, fourth is the house of comforts and the house of mother. Fifth is the house of children and education as well as Purva Punya, (because it is ninth from ninth). Sixth is the house of enemies and competitions. Seventh the house of partner and life partner. Eighth is the house of age and the death, ninth house is the house of Dharma and father. Tenth is the house of Karmas. Eleventh the house of income and justice and twelvth is the house of expenses, imprisonment and hospitalization too. Thus, all these houses study the various aspects of life of a native. It analyses as to when and how many good or bad deeds would be fructified in this present life time and how shall one have to bear with them.
Lord Shani controls over Karmas and gives the results thereof. So, he plays the prime role of a fortune maker. Factually, he neither grants them a bright future or good fortune to anyone, nor does he punish or reward anyone on his own. In fact he grants them the results of their own good or bad deeds of their pre-births. Saturn and the other planets been posted in various houses and signs indicate towards the destiny of a native.
Lord Shani is also called a bliss giver planet , bestowing his grace through purifying them by bearing the results of their sinful Karmas. It does not mean that Lord Shani is not treating them equally and he punishes or rewards them as per his own wish. No, its not so! He makes them to undergo the results of their good deeds and misdeeds equally thus makes them free from the bonds of Karmas and thus leads them towards liberation. In fact, he creates an environment to lead them towards liberation through their purification, He makes them pure by forcing upon them the results of their various deeds. This is making them free from the bonds of Karmas and finally takes them to the abode of the God, which is the hidden secret of human life.
According to Geeta, Lord Krishna quoted that a living-being is righteous of performing karmas and he has no control over the results of the same. So he need not be thoughtful of the results thereof. Geeta also speaks of the fructification of the destined karmas i.e. one has to undergo the results of all his virtuous as well as his sinful deeds. There is no way out. Neither our intellect nor all our wisdom nor any most courageous action can change this principle. The principles of the nature are unchangeable. Though your wisdom and valour play an important role in life, yet they can’t change the laws of nature.
So, if one uses his intellect and his course of actions towards right direction, he can certainly earn a lot. However, remember! No intellect or wisdom, no valour or courage can ever change our fate or destiny since destiny is based on our karmas.
The laws of karma never do change! So no high thinking or high aim can change our destiny. We have have to undergo the results of our destined karmas. In fact destiny is formed on the basis of our own karmas and this destiny or fortune is attained on the basis of our own karmas performed in pre-births. The destiny which is felt and experienced by us is arrived at by the analysis made with the disposition of Saturn and the other planets in the horoscope of a native by the learned astrologers in the light of the Astrological principles.
So in order to get rid of the threat of the fructification of karmas, as a result of the position, aspect, and conjunction of the planets in the birth horoscope, we must take the help of certain performances, worship and accomplishments. Such devotion and accomplishments help us in obtaining the positive results of the good deeds at a certain period of time. Our ancient Sages and Saints have advised it on the basis of their own analysis and the experience.
So, we must start taking actions in order to do undo the forthcoming adverse situations and circumstances due to the positions of various planets in the birth horoscope. Knowing the indications of the positive and negative effects of the rays of the planets because of their transitory positions and motion, we can take appropriate steps to take an advantage of it. If we take remedial steps well in time, we can improve upon our present course of actions, thereby making our future bright. If man is warned of by the position of Saturn in is horoscope and adopts remedial measures mentioned in our epics, he can mend his ways of life and can step in on the right path towards getting rid of the bonds of life and death. Thus, he can take a strong step towards liberation. So, I have always been telling people the fact that Lord Shani is the Chief controller of all the actions of the whole Universe. Possibly, someone has indicated towards above fact, saying:-
"Teri satta ke bina, Hei Prabhu mangal mool,
Patta tak hilta nahin, khile na koi phool."
This whole Universe has no beginning or end. Even no one can make an account of it that how, why and who is creating, operating and destructing the Universe. No one can reply to such silly questions because the secrets of nature are still unknown. It is obvious that we remain alive in the the duration of that period of time which lies between our birth and death.
Despite this, before coming of age we remain indifferent and ignorant towards all our actions. So we have very short life span left with us to live the life meaningfully. In this shorter duration we remain confined to our limitations and with our still more limited intellect, whatever right or wrong knowledge we are able to gain, we considering ourselves wise enough, keeping that incomplete or irrelevant knowledge and feel proud of it. We are badly mistaken, thinking ourselves wise enough with this incomplete and irrelevant knowledge. We must remember what to talk of knowing and estimating about the almighty God, when we can’t even have a complete knowledge of the smallest of objects in this Universe.
Whatever knowledge we succeed to obtain about an object; that is also one sided only or say it is a partial one. Lot many things we come to know and happen to know just as a heritage passed on to us through our ancestors. Even our classical books containing the secrets of the knowledge in the light of the self experienced facts by the ancient sages, keep on unveiling the secret knowledge. This is the reason that our benevolent people on the earth have ever been inspiring us to enjoy the proximity of the Sages and Saints and to spend most of our precious time in studying the religious books.
However, human embodiment is a rare opportunity to gods too. People been blinded of the comforts and luxuries of life are ignorant of the knowledge of the self. They are unaware of the factual form of the Almighty, the creator of this Universe. They keep on passing through the miseries of the life because they are badly involved in relationships of their children, parents and their spouse and the other family members. The most astonishing and strange thing is this that they start blaming gods for the results of their misdeeds. They say God is unkind enough giving us miseries and pains. They simply forget that whatever situations they are passing through their present life time, they are just the results of their destined karmas and the law of nature can not at all be changed. One has has to undergo the results of his ill deeds and good deeds equally.
None else will be punished or rewarded in place of us. It’s we who shall undergo the results of our deeds. They start blaming various planets for their sorrows and miseries. Most of the people are seen blaming Lord Shani for their miseries and misfortunes. However, such an idea is really baseless and is a mere delusion. They consider Shani (Saturn) a pain giver planet whereas he is a benevolent one. It is really a foolishness on their part.
Almighty, Supreme-being never grants any joy or sorrow to any living being on his own. He is like an ideal father who wishes to all his children joy and happiness, since we are all a part of the Supreme being himself. He has impartially granted each living being the liberty to attain the bliss through Dharma, Artha, Kama, Moksha.
Whatever karma is performed by a native for whatever aim, such an aim and destination is achieved by him only on the basis of his related efforts made. Since the day and time of his birth a native has his destined karmas inclined to his life. He can’t be spared of them. Sometime people are mistaken, when they see people getting very good, rather excellent results of their deeds without making any positive effort towards them. They find such people as work very hard yet are not rewarded by success or their efforts do not become fruitful and they can't get rid of the unwanted sorrows and troubles, despite their best efforts. However, the reality is that a native has has to undergo the results of his misdeeds and virtuous deeds, both as well. Undoubtedly, there is no way out. He happens to undergoe such results for births together and he is bound to do so. None is an exception to this law of nature. Even Lord (God) himself, when He incarnates and takes human embodiment, He himself is bound to this law of nature, in order to undergo the results of his own karmas.
Lord Shani is the most benevolent planet for the living beings. One should not dread of him rather he should pray and worship him in order to attain his grace. One should feel contended with his honest earnings. He should not perform misdeeds having been greedy. When he does not involve himself in malpractices, he shall not have to undergo the bad results thereof. He would not have to face the anguish of Lord Shani.
Believe me, Lord Shani will bestow his grace upon you. In order to obtain his grace, you have to do nothing but shall have to spare few minutes from your busy schedule and try to please him through your prayers and worship. Remember Lord Shani is always ready to grant you his decision (in the form of a reward or punishment) depending upon your destined karmas. He acts as per the law of nature and he never overlooks the determined laws of nature.
Lord Shani provides them the rewards of their destined karmas, so blaming Shani in any way is useless and unjustified. In astrology, lot many remedial measures have been suggested to pacify Lord Shani. Making such remedies, one can make his life peaceful and comfortable.
Our life is always shaken by the ups and downs of life. A king or a beggar, a learned or an ignorant one, they all happen to experience the ups and downs in his life time. One starts experiencing the ups and dons of life since the day he takes birth and till his death, he is bound to pass through such ups and downs. The stage after death and before getting human embodiment is known through the Astrological principles mentioned in the classics.
Our ancient religious books very clearly mention that all the joys and sorrows attained by a human being are the results of his own destined karmas. The results of good deeds are attained in the form of joys and that of misdeeds are in the form of sorrows. As per our classical principles, man goes on attaining the results of his good deeds and misdeeds even after his death. He gains hell or heaven depending upon his destined karmas. Those religious books as support the concept of rebirth have declared it very clearly that taking various embodiment man goes on getting the results of his own deeds. By the special grace of God, those who have been lucky enough to get human embodiment , they have have to undergo the results of a definite part of their accumulated karmas. Despite this, man is blessed with a right of performing deeds in his present life time. Making use of the opportune chance, he can make efforts to change his adverse forthcoming circumstances and thus lead to a path of joy & justice, comforts & happiness through performing good deeds in his present life time. Adding on to his virtuous deeds, he can make penance to his misdeeds of his pre-births.
Lord Shani is harsh enough to grant them losses through the results of their misdeeds. It is his special quality that he is rude enough while granting them the results of their misdeeds but finally takes them