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The Origin of Astrology

Being an important & specific part of vedas the timings of the origin of the Astrological Science can not be determined. It exists since time immortal with the passage of time eighteen of this science have been recognised and subsequently many a phylosphers have accelerated its development by framing easy and intelligible rules for the welfare of mankind from time to time. The names of the eighteen originators of Astrological science can be seen in the following renown can be seen.

Surya, Pitamaho, Vyaso, Vashishtho, Atri, Prasara,
Kashyapo, Nardo, Bhargo, Maricham Aunirandigara.

Lomesho Polisheshchev, Chyavno, Yavno Bhriyu,
Shonko Udashthadash Hyethe Jyotish Shastra Praverthak.

Out of many a Astrological book have been destoyed after the invasion of the Yavnas but 'Vedang Jyotish' by Lagdh Muni is available yet which confirms the origin of Astrological sciene from Vedas. The name of one of them is "Aarch Jyotish" means Jyotish relating Rigveda and the others name is "Yajush Jyotish" means Jyotish relating Yjurved. The number of renowns in the first part of this book by Lagdh Muni, is 36 whereas in second part it is 43. Most of the renowns are available in both the parts. The things told in this religious book are written in a difficult, unintelligible and diplomatic language are very difficult to understand. In spite of the endless efforts of the experts, some of the renowns have not been clarified yet. It is necessary to find autauspicious Hora for Yajna. This has been clarified in the following renown :-

Jyotishamyanam Kritsanam Pravashyamynupurvsha,
Vipranam Samastam Loke Yagyakalarth Sidhyateh.

In the above book, the following main subjects relating to Jyotish have been explained - Division of Time, Nakshatra & Nakshatra-lords, Yug, Lgna and Date determination, Ayan, Parva, division of Nakshatras, Tithi-Nakshatra, Nakshatra & Parva and Increased month etc.