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Shani Sadhe Satti Dhaiya

The Sadhe Satti

The Planet Saturn (Shani) takes on an average a little over 29 months to traverse through each constellation or sign or Rashi of the zodiac. This can be rounded up to 2.5 years per sign or 30 years for one revolution around the zodiac. Saturn is the outermost planet that describes more than one revolution around the zodiac during the lifetime of most human beings.

When Saturn arrives in the sign in 12th from the birth moon, the moon sign itself and the sign next to the moon sign, takes about 7.5 years and the term for 7.5 in is ‘SadheSatti Period’. This phase of 7.5 years repeats again in about 30 years and so, many individuals may experience 2 to 3 such periods during their lifetime.

To give an example of the periods described above, if we assume that one was born in the Aries moon sign in the birth chart. when Saturn transits the signs of Pisces, Aries and Taurus, the individual will experience sadhesati.

Hence the SadheSatti affects the people of three signs, at a time. In the first phase of it, when Shani transits over the sign prior to the natal moon sign, its effect is said to have over the head. After two & a half years when Shani transits over the natal moon, it is the second phase of SadheSatti. Its position and affective area is the heart.

Further after two & half years when Shani transits over the next sign from the natal moon, it affects the feet of the native. Thus, for various signs, Shani’s SadheSatti is calculated. It gives both types of results, the good and the bad.

Sometime, the whole period of SadheSatti gives adverse affects through problems and troubles. However, to a very few people, SadheSatti gives benefic effects throughout its whole period. It makes them happy, perspicuous and an honourable person. Performing remedial measures during the SadheSatti period of Shani, it inclines to the benefic results and declines the malefic ones.

The following remedial measure can be made to cut down the malefic results of the SadheSati of the Shani : -

  • Put eight kilograms of mustard oil in an iron pot and look your face into it. Now, take this oil in Shani temple and offer the oil at Shani idol while wearing wet red Lungi. It is an appropriate manner of ‘Telabhishek’ (bathing Shani idol with oil).

The Dhaiya

When Shani transiting over the Fourth and the Eighth house from the Natal Moon, it is called the Fourth & the Eighth Dhaiya respectively.

Shani takes complete 30 years to take a round of the zodiac. Thus, it remains for two and a half years over each sign. When Shani transits over the fourth or the eighth house from natal moon, it is called 'Dhaiya'. These two periods of 'Dhaiya' leave the good and the bad effects over the native. Every body has to pass through this period. Those having malefic effects of Shani, should perform remedial measures, without fail. In the 'Dhaiya' of Shani, its impact on our life increases and the malefic position causes to increase malefic effects. The benefic effects of moon are turned down and are gone useless. Thus, the native gets surrounded by the problems and the troubles.

Perform the following remedial measures to nullify the adverse (malefic) effects during the period of Dhaiya: -

  • Write “Tainteesa Yantra (device)” over a white cloth with collyrium or black ink and put a dry coconut fruit over it and wrap this cloth like a parcel. Circumambulate this parcel over the head of the native seven times and throw it into the flowing water. Such a remedial measure be done on continuous three 'Shani Amavasya'. It would help to nullify Shani related problems.
  • Whosoever is affected by the 'Dhaiya', he himself should enchant the below mentioned Tantric-Mantra of Shani, to obtain the grace of Lord Shani -

Om Pram,Preem,Prom,
Se,Shanishcharaya Nameh

How to Enchant : 21 series of this Mantra be enchanted. Enchant them for continuous 40 days. Don’t break the chain while doing so. It should not be stopped in between. Enchant the Mantra sitting on the same place every day. Observe celibacy and take pure and vegetarian food only. Keep fasting on Saturday and donate oil, urad, gram etc.

  • Arrange a feast for mendicants in Shani temple for eight Saturdays, if possible.
  • Offer vermillion to Hanuman ji every tuesday.
  • Arrange enchantment of “Mahamrityunja Japa”.
  • A part of your food should be offered to a crow.