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Astrology a Time telling Science

Astrology, in fact, is an ancient science of telling the exact identification of time. It can also be called as a science of time or time science. Since the basis of all the calculations and predictions are the different forms and phases of time. In 15 Mantras of two hymns (53 & 54) of the 19th chapter, the enormous form of the time is described. Here, it is clarified that the whole Universe, all the Deities, Vedas & Sciences all are under the control of time. Time itself is the Supreme Power and God of all Gods i.e. Mahadev. It is the basis of all and the controller of all deities. It controls all the Sun, the Moon, the Fire, the Air etc. It is the owner and inspirer of all of them. The past, the present and the future are three forms of it. This Mahakal, Generates, Operates and Destructs the whole universe. It only makes Sun rise & Sun set. All the sciences & knowledge's are controlled by the time. The Astrology, in fact, explains in details the different forms, parts, sub-lasts of the time.