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Even females can worship lord shani

It’s surprising that a major class of the society considers females unworthy of worshipping Lord Shani. Incase someone asks them the reason thereof they are kept quiet. Some of them consider woman folk to be untouchable, where as some others consider them to be the weaker sex so that they are dread of the awful (horrible) form of Lord Shani. Instead of having faith and fidelity, their heart is shocked to look at Shani and they are badly horrified. It can harm them in many ways i.e. physically as well as mentally. However, such an idea is really fake, baseless and imaginary too. It has no traditional basis. So there exists no such reason; for which Lord Shani can’t be worshipped, adored or offered oil by the females.

Please, reflect upon it, our sages have considered them to be goddesses like and said, “Where their ladies are respected, the gods roam about there”. So how can such honoured persons can said to have been called impure. They are said to be the better half of the males. In case they are impure, how can man (male members) remain pure? In our classical books, it is mentioned very clearly that if a man performs any religious ceremony, without been accompanied by his wife, his pooja is not fructified. It can’t be a complete pooja. Even Lord Shiva, not accompanied by his Shakti (Maa Parvati) remains Shava (the dead one) because its the force (Shakti) that makes Lord Shiva to move or only shakti makes him 'Lord Shiva', the 'Eternal'.

Our ancient sages have never looked down upon females. They have rather considered them worthy of pooja and called them goddess like. Our classical books like Vedas, Puranas, Ramayana & Geeta etc. have never ever said them unworthy of worshipping. In all times they (females) have been worshipping Lord Shiva, Maa Durga and the saints and the gurus etc, so how can they be deprived of worshipping Lord Shani, who is the devotee of the Lord Shiva and Lord Hanuman, who is the devotee of Lord Ram.

It is possible that in some specific times, at certain place or owing to the native himself or due to difference of the situations and circumstances we are living in, some female be declared unworthy of worship. However, such exceptions can’t be quoted as examples for the sake of all times and for the common person. Such exceptional rules are applicable to men also. However, for such reasons all humanity can’t be deprived of performing Pooja. During the reign of foreign invaders, all of a sudden, the veil-system was prevailing in our society; it was unavoidable under the then circumstances. However, we are continuing to such exceptional rule of the society, which is no more useful under the present circumstances. It is not a wise step. In olden times, almost all categories of society maintained this veil-system. It may be a reason behind that females were forbidden from worshipping these Lords.

However, these days, people are far more educated. These days, women folk are shouldering social and financial liabilities going hand in hand with men. Veil-system is almost over. Under these circumstances, been bounded of certain forced veil-system of the medieval age it is objectionable to deprive them of worshipping any of the gods and goddesses. Lord Shani and Hanuman treat all human beings equally. He may be a man or a woman; he may be an illiterate or a learned one.

It makes no difference as to which does worship them and who does not these lords are not affected. Somebody considers women folk unworthy of worshipping the gods, to Lord Shani it hardly matters. He will shower his bliss to whomsoever he wishes to bless. He will also bestow his anguish over those whosoever deserves it. He is the chief justice among the jury of planets. He alone can make a perfect judgment. He never believes in favouritism. He always acts impartially. He makes them to undergo the results of their good deeds and misdeeds irrespective of the fact that one is a man or a woman. Some of them give a plea to it that women folk are impure because of their mensurative cycles but it is not justified. Except for the four-five days of her menstrual cycle, she is but pure enough. For those specific days, she herself completely takes care of.

Some rigid people say that Lord Shani, Lord Hanuman, Lord Balaji are such Lords as maintain Celibacy. Therefore, they should not be touched by or worshipped by the women. The celibacy is maintained through controlling over your minds and your sensory organs. Those who have control over their minds and the sensory organs, they can’t be afraid of been worshipped by a women or been served or contemplated over by a woman. It can’t be a hindrance for their Celibacy or Devotion (Tapa) etc. Such an idea is even accepted by a commonly determined man too. On the other hand, Lord Balaji, Lord Shani and Dev poorush Hanuman ji are such Lords as provide their adoration to their devotees, after having all their troubles been done away with. So, their devotee can be a man or a woman, it makes them no difference. They are hardly concerned to it. God does never distinguish between them. He is simply a lover of his devotees and he takes care of them.

Since time immortal, the sages, the saints and the gurus have been from among both the categories i.e. the people maintaining celibacy or the people having