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Shani Amavasya

Special Rituals to be performed on 
'SHANI AMAVASYA' and The Adoration to Lord Shani
An opportunistic day to perform remedial measures for ‘Pitra Dosh’ & Kaal Sarpa Dosh’
On each ‘Shani Amavasya’, such rituals are performed at Shani Dham. On such occasions special worship and ‘Telabhishek’ (bathing the idol of Lord Shani with mustard oil) are performed in order to get people deprived of all oppressions caused by Shani during the SadheSatti (Seven and a half years period), Dhaiya (two & a half years period) or it’s major period, the sub-period or the sub sub-periods. Such rituals are also useful in obtaining the kind grace of Lord Shani and getting success in various ventures.
No one coming to Shani Dham with great hopes, ever goes disappointed because the statue of the datti (Lord Shani) has been established here, after enchanting of one crore and thirty two lacs of Mantras.
Our ancient sages have very clearly declared that propagation of wealth, prosperity the honour and regard as well as knowledge is caused through the grace of gods and the Saints. However, recovery to diseases and the propagation of progeny can be attained by the grace of the manes (deified ancestors). One can attain only such things through worshipping and adoration of the gods & saints, which are under their jurisdiction.
Man attains the contentment of good health and nourishment as well as propagation of progeny with the grace & blessings of his manes. At certain places, you find such stories in our ancient religious books regarding obtaining the hirer (propagation of progeny) by the grace of some saint, even that can’t be called an exception to this rule. When we reflect upon such cases where they could get a hirer by the grace of some saint or an ascetic person, we come to know that even their manes were also pleased with them, yet they had been deprived of child. Having a diseased child is not because of ‘Pitra Dosh’ but due to some other misdeed of their per-birth. When they succeeded in getting the grace of gods and saints through their worship and adoration to them, having undergone the penance, they could overcome the result of their misdeeds of the pre births.
It is to be mentioned here that whosoever suffers ‘Pitra Dosh’ i.e. anguish of his manes, he can’t avoid performing such rituals, as, to please the gods and the saints, he certainly happens to perform such rituals as may please them. To pacify the anguish of his manes, many remedies have been mentioned in our Epics. In olden days, people generally used to worship gods and gratify their deified ancestors everyday during the dark fortnight of Ashwani month. Mostly people perform rituals for the gratification of their manes (pittar) annually. Despite this, those who suffer ‘Pitra Dosh’ they have to perform special rituals to pacify their manes (deified ancestors).