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Kaal sarp yog(English)

When all the planets come between the axis of Rahu and Ketu, the knower's of astrological science very easily come to understand that the said native us suffering various troubles due to Kaalsarp Yog. Remember all the natives suffering Kaalsarp Yog are not equally affected. The disposition of the planets and the signs in various i.e. the twelve houses and the strength of the houses and the planets and many other such points leave unfailing effect on the native. So, one need not be afraid of hearing of Kaalsarp Yog. On the other hand, natives need to get the proper knowledge of it through having it analysed by a learned good Astrologer. When he becomes aware of the factual astrological analysis, he must make the remedial measures thereof without any delay.

Mentioned below are few such Astrological combination that trouble the native very strongly and he suffers in different ways:

  • When Rahu and Moon are conjunct in Lagna in the natal horoscope, the native is always troubled by his misconception. He always feels as if somebody can give him losses in different ways or otherwise he is always depressed, stressed and mentally unrest.
  • When Lagna is Aries, Scorpio, Cancer or the Sagittarius sign and Mars & Jupiter are conjunct in Lagna, whereas Rahu is placed in the fifth house conjunct with Mars and Mercury or the fifth Rahu is aspected by the planet Mars or ercury or Rahu is in the fifth house without any conjunction, then the son of the native suffers unavoidable troubles or the native himself is dragged in a criminal case or undergoes heavy pains.
  • When in Kaalsarp Yog Rahu is conjunct with Venus also, the native is having child trouble i.e. not having children, his children trouble him, or his children face troubles.
  • When Lagna and the Lagna lord both are afflicted besides having Kaalsarp Yog the native remains physically unfit as also mentally disturbed.
  • When no any planet exists in the preceding and the succeeding house of the natal Moon besides having Kaalsarp Yog or no planet exists in kendras from Lagna or the natal Moon, the native is mainly having financial crisis i.e. his financial state is very miserable.
  • When Jupiter is conjunct with Rahu the native has to face misfortune in many ways.
  • When either of the luminaries i.e. the Sun or the Moon is conjunct with Rahu the native suffers unfavourable situations. He is physically unfit and suffers financial problems.
  • When Rahu is conjunct with Shani or 'Naandi Yog' is present in the horoscope the native has to face adverse effects over his health and children. His suffer hurdles in job or profession.
  • When Rahu is conjunct with the planet Mercury or say 'Jaddatar Yog' is present in the horoscope, it increases his economical & social problems. It affects his financial status adversely.
  • When eighth Rahu is aspect by either of the malefic planet i.e. Sun, Mars or Shani, it gives delay in marriage.
  • When Shani is posted in the fourth house and Rahu in twelfth house of the natal horoscope, the native is a big fraud and cunning person. He can get into big trouble due to such nature.
  • When Moon and Rahu are conjunct in Lagna and either Mars or Shani is posted in the fifth, ninth or the twelfth house of the natal horoscope, the native does not enjoy mental health or we can say he is mentally upset. He has to be troubled by 'Pret-Pishach' hurdle.
  • When 'Navmansha' lord of the tenth house is conjunct with the Mars, Rahu, or Shani, the native is prone to fire threat. He must be warned against it.
  • When Navamansha lord of the tenth lord is conjunct with Rahu or Ketu the native has to undergo death like pains.
  • When Rahu and Mars are placed sixth-eighth to each other or Rahu is aspected by the planet Mars, the situation of the native worsens.
  • When Lagna sign is Aries, Taurus or Cancer and Rahu is placed in the first, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, eleventh or the twelfth house the native enjoys the comforts of woman, children, health, wealth and property all at a time.
  • When Rahu is posted in the sixth house and Jupiter in Lagna Jupiter in Lagna or the quadrant, the native lives a happy and prosperous life.
  • When Moon and Rahu together lie in quadrants (1,4,7,10 th houses) or trines (5/9 house), the native enjoys all comforts and prosperity.
  • When Venus is placed in the second or the twelfth house, the native attains favourable results.
  • When Sun and Mercury are conjunct together and Mercury is not combust, the native attains favourable results.
  • When Lagna and the Lagna lord, the Sun and the Moon all four are strong or strongly placed in the natal horoscope i.e. in an auspicious house as also aspected by the auspicious planets the adverse effects or the unfavourable results of Kaalsarp Yog are nullified.
  • When Mars is strongly placed in the tenth house and is not aspected by the lord of any malefic house or by any malefic planet, the unfavourable effects of Kaalsarp Yog are not attained.
  • When Venus is placed in 'Malavaya Yog' i.e. the planet Venus lies in either of the four quadrants in its exalted or own sign and is not conjunct with or aspected by an inauspicious planet the adverse effects of kaal sarp are not attained or it gives only average malefic results.
  • When planet Saturn is in 'Shash' Yog i.e. Shani is placed in either quadrants in its exalted or his own sign without having the aspect or conjunction of any malefic planet or the lord of inauspicious house, the unfavourable results of the Kaalsarp Yog are not visible. It reduces down the adverse results of Kaalsarp Yog.
  • When Moon-Mars conjunction exists in quadrants in own sign or their exaltation signs and this conjunction is neither aspected by or conjunct with any malefic planet, then all the troubles caused by Kaalsarp Yog are turned down.
  • When Rahu is placed in non-visible houses i.e. first to sixth and other planets are in visible houses i.e. the remaining six houses then this Kaalsarp Yog is said to be prosperity giving.
  • When Rahu is placed in the sixth house and Jupiter is in Lagna or the tenth house, the native enjoys wealthy position in life. He is not having any financial problems.

All the above combinationshave been discussed with a view to make a common person to understand the unfavourable/adverse effects of Kaalsarp Yog. In fact, Kaalsarp Yog does not necessarily grants unfavourable results to all the natives. Any decision (final prediction) can be made only after having analysed the position, aspect and the conjunction of various planets and the constellations in the twelve houses and the signs.

Many natives having Kaalsarp Yog have reached to the heights of name and fame, despite having passed through various troubles and hurdles. Among them all Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru- the first prime minister of Independent India can be highlighted. Late Shri Morarji Desai ex prime minister as also Late Shri Chandra Shekhar singh are also among one of them. All the above three have reached to the post of prime minister in spite of having 'Kaalsarp Yog' present in their natal horoscope.

The facts of the Vedic Astrology, like that of the philosophy are related not only to the aspects of this world, the spirits and the god as also to the volume, temperature etc. of the related objects of the modern science but also talks of the objects & the Subjects beyond them.

It is simply an astrological analysis. I once again wish to remind you people that all the malefic and the benefice results attained by us are the results of our own misdeeds and the good deeds of our own. So, do not blame the planets for the same rather improve upon your Karmas (Present Actions). I hereby place a trinity formula, which may be adopted by each human being. It is an unfailing one and grants instant results too.

My trinity formula is:

  • Serve your parents and old people whole-heartedly.
  • Live an ethical life and truthful life towards your spouse.
  • Serve your motherland being loyal to your nation.
  • Adopting the above three measures, perform Shani poojan, Shree Shani Telabhishek and prospect lord Shani reaching over Shree Shanidham, Shree Shani Tirth Kshetra Asola, Fatehpur Beri, Mehrauli, New Delhi-74 regularly for twenty-one Saturday and twenty-one Tuesday. You will definitely get rid of all your troubles.

Whether Kaalsarp Yog is present in your horoscope or not, you need not worry! You can meet me at Shree Shanidham with a prior appointment. I am your friend and as a friend of you, I wish to help you!

Major Clarification of Kaalsarp Yog

Primarily Kaalsarp Yog has been classified in twelve ways. All such classifications have been discussed through illustration here under:

'Anant' Kaalsarp Yog

between then it is called 'Anant' Kaalsarp Yog. Such natives have to work very hard for the development of personality and their career as well. His education and professional achievements progress with a slower speed and to rise in life he has to work very hard rather he has to struggle hard for getting achievements. His emotional pains sometimes lead him to live the life of an insane leaving all worldly comforts aside. Such natives have been interested in lottery, share market, interest money but they bear heavy losses in such deals. They have to suffer various physical ailments. Their financial position is rather weak. They face up's and downs in money matters. It affects their married life adversely since mental unrest leaves them nowhere and life becomes a hell to them. He remains deprived of the ancestral wealth and the parents love and affection. His near & dears, family and friends give him losses in many ways. He becomes a victim to the conspiracy and been dragged into court cases, he faces social defame. So rise and fall in each phase of life becomes a part of his life and repeated defame makes him mentally unrest. Despite all such unfavourable situations, at certain point of time in his life he gets sudden rise and all his pains and troubles are ended up astonishingly all at once.

In spite of all troubles and difficulties been faced by him, he is not in want of anything or say nothing is unreachable to him. Such natives never harm other in any way. Such natives as are comparatively much troubled by such a combination i.e. 'Anant' named Kaalsarp Yog. They must adopt the below-mentioned remedial measures:

  • Recite 'Om Namaeh Shivay' twenty one series (21x108 times) everyday. Perform abhishek to lord Shiva with water mixed with milk everyday.
  • Establish Kaalsarp Dosh Nivarak Yantra in your home and lighting a mustard oil lamp before the yantra, worship it every day.
  • A pair of Naag (Snakes-male & female) should be get made of silver and putting it into a copper pot should be flown in the flowing water.
  • Every day after having taken a bath recite 'NavgrahSatrotra'.

'Kulik' Kaalsarp Yog

When Rahu is placed in the second and Ketu in the eighth house and all the planets lie in between in the natal horoscope then it is called 'Kulik' Kaalsarp Yog. It gives him defame also. A native with this combination goes average in his studies and his marital happiness is of the average order. Due to his financial problems, his marital happiness is spoiled altogether. He always goes on facing various troubles like cheated by his friends, problems in begetting children or problems due to children and struggle & trouble in the professional life. His nature goes filthy. He becomes a double standard person. Facing the unbalance of mind and various physical ailments, he looks older than his age. His valour and courage is turned down constantly. His hard working nature takes him to peaks. However, he cannot enjoy to this excellence. Such natives facing the above-mentioned troubles should make the following remedial measures:

  • The students should recite root mantra of 'Maa Saraswati' for one long year and make worship to her.
  • Boil water with 'Devdaru', 'mustard' and 'Lohwan' and take bath with this water for forty days.
  • In an auspicious Hora, flow coke (Koyala) in the flowing water for three times.
  • Recite 108 times the Hanuman Chalisa.
  • In Shravan month, perform abhishek to lord Shiva for all the thirty days of the month.
  • Keep fasting on Saturday and Tuesday. Go to Shani temple and perform poojan and Telabhishek. It gives instant relief.
  • At the starting of the major period of Rahu recite Rahu mantra for 108 times a day and when the number of mantra counts to 18 thousand perform 'Poorn Ahuti' Yajna with chief Samidha of Rahu i.e. Durva (the grass). After this, donate Horse bean ('Urad') and blue cloths to a poor person.

'Vaasuki' Kaalsarp Yog

When Rahu is placed in the third and Ketu in the ninth house and all other planets lay in between these two then it is called 'Vasuki' Kaalsarp Yog. The native is troubled by his co-born even he is not in good terms with other family members. His friends and relatives as also his neighbours always cheat him and troubles him unduly. He is lacking peace and home. At times native has been suffering from various ailments and due to heavy expenditure, his financial position is shaken. For his livelihood, he has to make hard efforts, yet the success remains doubtful. When Moon is afflicted his mental health is not good, he remains mentally excited and disturbed. Due to such a planetary combination, he has to bear losses especially in the legal affairs. He is uncomfortable from the state or the government. He has to face suspension in his services or losses i