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Shri Shri 1008 Mahamadaleshwer Paramhans Daati Ji Maharaj

Since the last two decades a of recognizing of any object, subject and the theories over the materialistic modern science through which in continuation to the baseless orthodox, it has also put certain most important subjects of the human life to be accounted in the area of suspense.

Those who have addressed it as a new light of Science, they started a new method for the estimation and the evaluation of each object & the Subject of this world. In the course of such an evaluation, the best possible efforts have ever been made to prove Astrology as the most abandoned and the ignored Subject.This the reason why the people running into the blind race of calling themselves as ultra-modern and fashionable people they have started calling the Vedic science as synonyms of foolishness and the orthodox.

However, it is a fact that Vedic Astrology is the most ancient one. Even the history approves of it that there had been no such time when was not in Existence. It is also verified based on the modern science since the bones of the two-five thousand years BC have been discovered in excavation wherever the symbols of the planets sun, moon etc have been found.

It is a matter of great joy that with the evolution of the modern science, the long back conceptions are automatically been replaced by the new conceptions. Consequently, huge groups of the scientists are in favour of regarding the Astrology as a science.

In fact, Astrology is not only a science but it is a Super Science. It is a science, which is called an eye to Vedas. Recognising it as an eye to Vedas and considering it to be the Supreme one, the ancient sages have put it on the highest stand among the knowledge of science, religion and the spirituality through highlighting its importance. In 'Rigveda's', the placement and at about the position of the planets & the constellation have been mentioned. In this regard 'Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak' had expressed his feeling that our 'Vedas' or say our 'classics' are definitely far more ancient than ninety five thousand years ago.Really, Astrology is not a newly invented science that needs to be evolved. It is the most ancient science, which has reached to the highest peak of evolution. It is the irony of the fate that this science has been ruined and its chains have shattered hither & thither. Whatever links & chains were left shattered around, based on it at which a background of the Astrology was formed. The calculations made with the help of their mathematical formulae are established entirely correct even today. Whatever predictions are made depending upon the Astrology mathematical formulae, they are astonishingly coming true.

In fact the ancient sages have called Astrology to be an eye to Vedas not merely for the sake of a slimily, but it is truly a luminous light, in the, light, of which the information of the objects and the facts is known with entire clarify. The Vedas are said to have its six parts, likewise the six stages have been declared in Indian philosophy.

The last step of or the final target (to be achieved) in our Indian philosophy is the state of 'oneness' i.e. 'to unite with' the supreme power which is said to be the state of self-realization in Vedic philosophy. Such a state is be self-experienced and cannot be realised through expressing explaining by someone else. Despite this, stepping up the various stages of Inner knowledge of the self very minutely, whatever information and knowledge could the ancient Indian sages gain, all the disciple of the world were originated from the same knowledge. In the light of the self-realization whatever precious pearls of wisdom could the ancient sages gain they blessed their devotee with those pearls in order to benediction of the common man inspired quite naturally and this wisdom continued pass over generation to generation.

Yat pinde Tat Brahmande

Making such a declaration to reach the height of wisdom they have blessed us with, such a basic technique that the knowledge of every petty objects & the subjects of the world can be gained from within ourselves.The above-mentioned declaration of the ancient Indian sages is obvious. They say the diameter of this centre is the millionth part of the millionth part of an inch. The substance of the life of the atom exists within this centre. Various most subtle Electrons, keep on revolving around the Neutrons. Patrons on this focal point. In such a course of action, these Electrons keep on initialising to the activities of the Universe.

Thus, the unity as if unlimited atoms are called cells in medical science and our body is the aggregate form of these cells. These cells, according to the 'Law of Affinity', are united and make tissues in the body, which are joined together and build our body. They are together making our body. In this way, our body and the limbs of this body resemble to the activities of the solar system. So, this rule is automatically understood that our body, which is, made of these cells, works according to the activities of the solar system.

Pointing out to these, matters out sages have called this Universe as a completely circulatory creation of the God wherein that supreme power is equally extended in every object & the subject of this Universe. They have bowed and submitted at the Lotus feet of 'Sadguru', the great man of the one following the traditional Guruchain.

AkhandMandlaKaran Vyapatamave Tadpadam
Darchitamave Tasmaiyee Shree Guruve nameh

As per Vedic Astrology, man is equipped with the special qualities and powers of the planets and the constellation, under the special combinations of the planets & constellation he is born i.e. the planetary position aspects & the conjunction at his natal horoscope. He is empowered with the special power & quality of the specific constellation and the planets since their rays are diffused in the entire lifetime. The country wise correction made over the longitude and the latitude of the planets shows that a native born at a certain place at a certain point of time differs in his nature & personality to the person born at a different place at the planets the same point of time are differently diffused at different places. So two persons born at the same point of time at two different places with different longitude & latitude certainly differ in their nature, form & figure the personality and the different physique & strength.The effects of the rays diffused from the planets & the constellation affect not only the human beings but to all livings equally. The horary part of the Vedic Astrology is simply based on the basis of this secret that the benefice & the malefic as also the dual rays of the transiting planets & the constellations diffusing over the earth do not leave their impact equally all the times. Due to the peculiarity of the speed, of the different planets, at a particular point of time, the planetary combination is the most suitable for a certain job or, work. Therefore, it's called the auspicious Mahurata.

Hence, the tendency of searching for a special Mahurata, for various job & works like marriage, service, education, house building etc is not a mere blind faith or orthodox. Rather it's really quite scientific and secretive it's something different that a Astrologer making such a calculation to find out an auspicious 'Mahurata' can commit a mistake in calculations and the results are not favourable. However, we cannot call the Astrological principles to be faulty or unauthenticated for such a mistake committed by a careless Astrologer. The natal horoscopes expresses to the character & the nature and to the personality of a native. For example a horoscope reflects that due to mutual relation between the planet Rahu & the Mars, the native will become a criminal, it never means that it is his his fortune to become a criminal.

It simply means that the native has a tendency of committing the crime but his tendencies can be cautioned by departing him with proper guidance and education. It can be obligatory only under such a situation when his forthcoming dash periods and the transiting position also verify to the same occurrence. Under such a situation, the Astrological prediction means to say that a native with his criminal environment, doing the times to come.

In the same way, let us suppose that in a particular year, a particular person the symptoms of suffering from the perplexity of strong emotions. In case one comes to know that he can face such emotional problem in the near future, he can definitely remedial measures to remove such malefic effects of the planets have been mentioned. All this facts prove that a man can make efforts to keep up a balance between ordaining the unseen results and it is experiencing them. So trusting in Astrology or believing in the 'Mimansa school of philosophy' makes them a 'fatalist', it is an unwise hypothesis.

The deepest secret of the Vedic Astrology is that this science analysis the all time truth and the reality of life. Each & every science appraises to a single part of the human life but the Astrological science and ascertains analysis to all such facts & the realities of this world & the other world (i.e. the physical & the spiritual life) of a man, that are required to be exhibited.

The facts of the Vedic Astrology, like that of the philosophy are related not only to the aspects of this world, the spirits and the god as also to the volume, temperature etc. of the related objects of the modern science but also talks of the objects & the Subjects beyond them.